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Realistic Replica of 737NG and 737 Max MCP module.

Completely new product line (Generation NEXT),

Providing Full Plug and Play functionality, and modular assembly.
Single Power supply and communication connector - LAN - for whole plane

Full Functionality:
  • Build in adjustable backlight,
  • White displays,
  • Display bright adjustable,
  • Light sensor,
  • Electromagnetic AT Disengage function,
  • Realistic Knobs
  • Working bank angle selector,
  • Single plug connection,
  • Optional SPD and ALT INTV buttons
Strong metal construction dedicated to professional and commercial users.

Laser cuted powder coated metal case
Compatible with our 737 GeNext OVHD and Pedestal modules.

Module require our Power and Communication Device (B737 PCD) - one for whole B737 simulator.

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. Image shown may contain optional equipment. A possibility of some modifications, resulting from technological progress is reserved.

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