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MIP STAND ( with CDU BAY and Top Glare Cover:
Monitors with assembling cages.:
Landing Gear Lever:
Glare/Sixpack Module:
Standby option (assembling points only):
Analog Instrumments:
Availability - On ORDER

Detailed Replica of Boeing 737NG Main Instrument Panel

Plug & Play electronic - native supported by Prosim, Project Magenta, Driver for iFLY 737NG, no scripts, or configuration required.

Multiple customization options, to meet all customers requirements.

Standard Config:
  • laser cuted powder coated MIP Main Plate,
  • build in electronic (USB Connector and Power supply included)
  • potentiometers panels ( separated backlight for CPT and FO side),
  • frames for 5 monitors,
  • dimed glass for 5 monitors,
  • all knobs and indicators,
  • prepared for installation of analog instruments (Flight Illusion Compatible),
  • analog/digital standby instruments option,
  • customized reg/selcal on request,
Multiple options:
  • laser cut, powder coated metal stand for MIP, with top glare cover, map holder, CDU Bay, frame and dimed glass for EICAS 2, assembling point for MCP and EFIS, 100% compatible with 737NG Rudder product,
  • monitors with assembling cages,
  • analog instruments imitation,
  • Glare/Sixpack modules - connection to MIP Electronic.
  • landing gear lever - metal construction,
  • flight illusion analog instruments installation ( free of charge - contact before order),
  • third party MCP/EFIS assembling points various configuration,

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. Image shown may contain optional equipment. A possibility of some modifications, resulting from technological progress is reserved.

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