POLDRAGONET Flight Simulators

History and Present

Company founded in 2002 design, produce, and develop flight simulator based on Microsoft Flight Simulator software Line.

First simple projects based on Boeing 747 plane, materialized in 2003 as first working device.

This simple construction, made from cheap materials and with use of simple technologies was warmly welcomed by simulator enthusiast in Poland and other European countries, and create a base and motivation for future work.

In 2003 we started new project based on most popular passenger plane - Boeing 737NG. After years of development, research, improvements, and changes, now is produced in various version of product, starting from simple DIY sets, thru functional P&P modules, finishing on fully equipped flight simulators produced exactly for customers order to meet all their requirements. This product has been sold to many customers around the world, and shown on various exhibitions by us or our partners (Mediolan Expo  - Italy, Friedrichshafen Aero Expo - Germany, Radom Air Show- Poland). It was shown many times in TV programs, and also play a mayor part in movies. 

We not afraid of non typical custom projects.  In 2011 we designed, developed and produced for German customer series of GA plane simulators with 3DOF motion platform. This product has been presented on many demanding markets including Dubai Airshow, Friedrichshafen Aero Expo (Germany), and Sun&Fun Airshow (USA). It was great to meet directly with our customers from various countries and exchange opinions, and receive feedback about our offer. 

Beginning from 2013 we develop our second great project. Flight simulator based on Airbus A320 series plane now is almost complete, and we can now offer most of working components, for complete cockpit. Modular construction of this project allow us in short time to introduce also A330/A340 modules into our offer.

After many years of experience and development, our products are recognized almost everywhere. It has been delivered to many countries around the world. We ship our products on six continents (excluding Antarctica), and more then 50 countries. Our experienced staff assembled simulators for customers in Australia, USA, France, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Poland and many other countries.

Our company providing wide range of production process. Starting from design process (CAD 3D), prototyping and testing, production of parts and components, assembling of modules, final assembly, quality control and test, packing and shipping. Dedicated team work all the time on research, new projects and improvements of products.

We created a network of cooperating companies, that can meet all demanding standards for production.

Some works special technologies and production lines are provided by our experienced partners. They using Repliki zegarków best on market CNC milling machines, laser cutter, CNC bending machines, metal casting, powder coating technologies, automated electronic assembling lines.Thanks that we can provide best quality products in short time.

We offering our products for wide range of customers. At the beginning our target was home and individual client. By the time we collect experience, improve our products, and we can offer it for more demanding customers from simulator market, offering complete solutions, or trading simulator rolex replica components.

From many years we producing devices and components for Flight Simulator Center, Cockpitsonic and other recognized on market simulator product re seller.

Last years allow us to provide our best product for Education (Universities), and military customers.

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