2. Full cockpit solutions

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Starting from 2007 we delivering cockpit solutions worldwide.
Our products can be found in Australia, Austria, Chile, Dubai, France, Germany, South Korea, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA, and many more

We delivering complete solution based on customers requirements, starting from cockpit turnkeys, visualization, all computer and software configuration, final on site assembly, and training for local stuff.

Basic Offer of complete A320 Cockpit:
  • As a standard in our products, single power supply and LAN controller for all cockpit devices. Modules easy exchangeable and up-gradable due common databus.
  • Solid Steel/Aluminium powder coated construction.
  • solid metal rudder pedals ( mechanical connection for rudder and breaks, with position adjustment (optional)
  • modules packed in wooden crates
  • delivery by our transport (Europe only), or air/sea transport (other continents)
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What is Included:

Module Model Quantity
A320 Base a320-basis 1
A320 Shell a320-shell 1
A320 Mip a320-mip-pro 1
A320 Rudder CPT a320-rudder-std-cpt 1
A320 Rudder FO a320-rudder-std-fo 1
A320 Rudder LINK a320-rudder-pro-link 1
A320 Sidestic CPT a320-sidestick-pro-CPT 1
A320 Sidestick FO a320-sidestick-pro-FO 1
A320 Seat CPT a320-seat-std-CPT 1
A320 Seat FO a320-seat-std-FO 1
A320 MIP a320-mip-pro 1
A320 MIP SCREENS a320-mip-screen 3
A320 Pedestal a320-pedestal-std 1
A320 TQ a320-tq-std 1
A320 OVHD a320-ovhd-pro 1
A320 AFT a320-aft-std 1
Pre assembly

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